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Collection By Kamales

Elegant shirts for the empowered woman

Classic elegant shirts for women - SNOW


Classic elegant shirts for women - LILAC


The Collection

Breaking barriers. This is the fundamental spirit behind Collection By Kamales.

Kamales Lardi has been breaking barriers of convention her entire life. She took a bold leap to position herself as a recognized digital strategist, business owner and public speaker, all the while demonstrating great personal style and a deep love for professional fashion.


Collection By Kamales marks her first step into fashion and design, showcasing her passion for business wear for women. Kamales Lardi chose to focus on shirts for women, as it is one of the most versatile pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. Shifting from business to casual or even elegant evening wear, a good shirt can easily fit a woman’s personal style and busy schedule. The shirts in this collection have a classic design with a luxurious feeling, making every woman feel like the hero of her own story.


With this new online shopping collection, Kamales Lardi aims to broaden perceptions, tear down stereotypes and create a new world without barriers for anyone.


The Brand

In creating excellence, one always needs a strong partner. Here, Mladenovic & Bundi offered a partnership that understood and supported the drive and vision that Kamales Lardi had for the collection.


Since 2014, Mladenovic & Bundi have been designing business shirts for men. The founder families Mladenovic and Bundi, set out to create a cool product with high quality by leveraging their mutual synergies and local networks. The result was a unique collection of shirts for men, twelve individual designs that represent various cantons in Switzerland.


Mladenovic & Bundi and Kamales Lardi had a shared vision – to create something that breaks barriers and redefines perceptions. Coming together as a team in 2016, they shared an interested journey in discovery, creativity and design. The process was unique as it involved gathering insights and feedback from potential end customers through online interactions, survey and in-person discussions. All materials were handpicked from renowned producers such as Albini Group 1896, Milan, Gretzner Textil AG, Bludenz, to create outstanding products with a luxurious feel. The team was intimately involved in each stage of the design process resulting in the new Collection by Kamales shirts in SNOW and LILAC.  


A partnership with Kamales Lardi not only marks the first step into designing for women, but also elevates the brand into a new level of quality and excellence. 

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